Flowers are a beautiful gift, symbolic for a range of emotions and occasions. Whether you’re celebrating happiness, success or achievements, mourning loss or saying thankyou to someone, flowers are the ideal.

Lily of the Valley is a specialist florist based in Hope Valley, South Australia. We are perfectly placed to offer the fast delivery of flowers to all suburbs across Adelaide. We take great pride selecting a quality and unique range of quality flowers, arrangements and gifts to suit every occasion.

Whether you’re looking for a colourful box of flowers for a new job celebration, a large centre piece for a party or a beautiful bunch of roses for your loved one, Lily of the Valley will create a long-lasting and unique floral arrangement.

We take pride in providing our customers with beautifully presented and innovative floristry, centerpieces and candelabra’s.

For new borns, weddings, anniversaries and celebrations to funerals, mourning’s and loss, choose Lily of the Valley to help you through the occasion.